Communication & Outreach

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In addition to publishing my research in scientific journals, I have also published more than fifty articles in popular magazines, including Beast magazine, Australian Quarterly and Peninsula Living. I am the National Communications Officer for the Australian Marine Science Association and am the Editor of the AMSA Bulletin, which is published three times annually.

I also write blogs about science, the environment or health-related topics, including my own blogs 'Forget the Planet: Save Yourself!" and "The Pendulum" and also frequently write about specific topics for businesses, such as Wealthy Healthy Better

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Podcasting, Broadcasting and Television


I'm currently working on a new podcast - watch my Twitter feed for updates.


During my PhD, I produced and presented a weekly Science and Environment program - 'Boiling Point' - on Eastside FM ( 


I have also done research work for the ABC program 'Catalyst' ( and other documentary programs. 


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Public Lectures and Outreach Events


I am an experienced speaker and am available for events, educational programs or public lectures.  Watch my Twitter feed to stay up to date or contact me to book a talk. 


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Research in the Media

My research has been featured by websites, magazines, newspapers, documentaries and TV programs all over the world.


You can find a full list of all the attention 'Operation Crayweed' has attracted here.


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