I currently have several opportunities to join my Research team at USC. Click here to get in touch and start a conversation about opportunities on these and other projects. 

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Towards Restorative Seaweed Aquaculture in Australia

With A/Prof. Nick Paul (USC), I am working towards understanding how farming seaweed in coastal Australian waters might benefit local environments, economies and communities. This exciting project is gathering momentum and we currently have opportunities for competitive PhD and honours research candidate.  Please get in touch for more information. 

Restoration of missing underwater forests​​

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand. Seaweeds are the "trees" of the oceans. Many seaweed communities have disappeared from the south east Queensland coast due to rapid coastal development. Following on from the success of Operation Crayweed, this project aims to restore these forests and all the benefits that seaweed forests provide for the region, including supporting biodiversity, recreational fishing opportunities, natural water filtration and carbon sequestration. 

Heating-up in the subtropics

The only constant is change, and along the southeast Queensland coastline, the degree of change over recent decades has been phenomenal. Our coastline includes the northernmost kelp forest and the southernmost colonies of reef-building corals and is a hotspot of coastal development. This project aims to identify the mechanisms, costs and opportunities of these rapid ecosystem transitions.