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I am a University Lecturer, researcher, communicator and passionate appreciator of all things natural, scientific and especially marine. 

Alex completed her PhD in 2011 and then completed two postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of New South Wales. in Sydney, Australia. Alex was also a part of the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and completed a visiting fellowship at the Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia. As a postdoc, Alex also visited the Nanyang Technical University of Singapore. She has done fieldwork all over Australia and many parts of southeast Asia. Her research focuses on human impacts on coastal marine ecosystems, with a particular focus on underwater seaweed forests. She combines experimental marine ecology with molecular microbiology to understand how environmental changes can interfere with macro-micro interactions and under which conditions disease outbreaks might occur. She has also run large, successful marine restoration projects, including Operation Crayweed, and aims to work towards restoring other damaged coastal marine ecosystems in the future. Science communication is a big part of research for Alex because she believes that people make good decisions when they're properly informed. 

Alex accepted a lectureship at the University of the Sunshine Coast in February 2018. She is currently teaching into multiple courses in the Biomedical Discipline of the School of Sport and Health Science at USC, including Introductory Bioscience, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Medical Genetics and Immunology. Alex believes in making science accessible to everyone in plain language. She currently co-supervises one PhD student at USC and is interested in receiving contact from highly competitive, prospective PhD and honours candidates. 

Alex believes that science is everywhere and wants to make it more accessible to everyone, by explaining science in plain language. She applies her skills in science communication to help explain how global warming is already impacting lives. She has published more than 50 articles in popular magazines, including Beast magazine, Australian Quarterly and Peninsula Living. Alex writes several blogs, including 'Forget the Planet: Save Yourself!', where she discusses important ways in which human health is so intrinsically linked to environmental health. She writes about her experiences working and travelling with twins in 'The Pendulum' and frequently writes articles for Wealthy Healthy Better about avoiding single-use plastic and exposure to potentially harmful substances in your home. Alex also edits the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) Bulletin, which is published three times annually. 

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